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The Team


Coach Bryce

Bryce is an Oakland University graduate with his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a focus in kinesiology. Bryce is certified in many different aspects of training including strength and conditioning, weight loss, and corrective exercises. He has personal trained for 8+ years after college and has over 4 years of working in physical therapy helping patients/clients. After going through his own transformation years ago, loosing 30 over pounds, he wanted to use his knowledge and experience to help improve the lives of others.Since then, his passion has only grown, and he has continued to look forward to every day he gets the chance to have a positive impact on someones journey in fitness and improving health overall!

Coach Andre

Andre is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. For the past eight years, he has dedicated his entire life to providing his clients with the best training facility in the state of Michigan. This is not done through fancy equipment and amenities, but by building community, offering, top-notch nutrition counseling, and persistent accountability coaching. This trifecta of coaching has been his secret sauce to getting clients amazing transformations since opening his doors in 2016. Today Andre has a team of five dedicated coaches, who all put the same level of passion and enthusiasm into their clients as he has since beginning his coaching career over a decade ago.


Coach Adthra

Adthra Bahi is a NASM certified personal trainer, as well as yoga instructor. She began working at Troy City over 5 years ago and has remained at the gym through the close bonds she’s formed with our clients and her love for movement and health. Adthra feels that there’s no other gym that has a sisterhood of clients who empower each other the way we do here. She feels honored for her role in helping her clients grow their confidence, strength, and inner power. Adthra is also pursuing her masters degree in clinical counseling to become a therapist. She is dedicated to guiding clients in reaching their full potential in all things mind, body, and soul.


Felix Lee

Felix Lee is a dedicated personal trainer with a strong foundation in kinesiology and exercise science. A graduate of Wayne State University, Felix's passion for health and fitness led him to pursue a career in empowering others to achieve their fitness goals. With valuable experience in physical therapy both in the United States and China, Felix brings a holistic approach to his training, incorporating knowledge from different fields to help his clients excel in their fitness journey. In his free time, Felix enjoys exploring new workout techniques, finding innovative ways to help others lead healthier lives.


Coach Marlon

Marlon has been coaching clients for over five years now. Over these years he has coached a variety of training styles from group, to semi private, to one on one. With a strong background in college sports and weight lifting, Marlon prides himself in setting a strong example for all his clients at Troy City Fitness.


Coach Leila

Leila is a dedicated personal trainer with a true passion for fitness and helping others. After graduating from Wayne State University with a major in marketing, she decided to pursue her true calling as a fitness coach. Certified through the national academy of sports medicine, Leila firmly believes in the power of motivation and strives to inspire her clients to realize their full potential and achieve their goals. Leila's enthusiasm for fitness shines through in her work as a fitness class instructor. Her yoga certification is a testament to her commitment to holistic wellness, and she is continuously expanding her knowledge and skills by working towards becoming a certified Pilates instructor.

Morgan DeDobbeleer.JPEG

Coach Morgan

Morgan is a certified personal trainer through ISSA. She started her fitness journey in 2020 and fell in love with the everything that is fitness. At this point, it was a natural decision to become a personal trainer and help others. For the past 3 years she has been working hand in hand with Coach Andre and Coach Bryce to become the trainer she is today. What started as her own personal weight loss journey, has spawned into a career that brings fulfillment and joy by changing lives, one client at a time.

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